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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MFT Idol Top 4 -- Take Two -- The Perfect Package

It's take 2 this week for the MFT Idol Top 4. There was a voting glitch so we're doing a mulligan. And the voting process has make sure you visit this thread for details....or see the bottom of this post....

This week's theme is "Create the Perfect Package" many ways I could have gone with this. I decided on creating the perfect package for a very special someone who's carrying a perfect package of her own! Ashley....this is for you and your family!!!!! Luv you!!!! Ashley and Dustin and 2nd time around parents.....Brady (Sponge Brady No Pants) is just about 2 they don't need all the traditional baby stuff....but mom needs pampering and I couldn't not get Brady something to keep him occupied for awhile....and of course something for Parker to welcome him into the world.

So, I created this gift set for this....let's start with the bag and card. The gift bag started off as a plain white bag, so I added the DP and CS stripes, ribbon, and image circles. The images are from the set "Snuggle Bunnies". I just adore this set and couldn't resist inking it up for this project. Both images on the bag (the image on the bag itself and the one on the matching hang tag) are covered in Dazzling Diamonds....cause everything needs a little bling. Parker's gift is in the bag, but I can't ruin the whole surprise for Ashley.....
The card uses the matching CS and DP and the "Snuggle Bunnies" set. The sentiment is from the "Essential Sentiments" set. The panels are sewn, the bunnies are paper pieced with CS I ran thru the Big Shot with a Cuttlebug folder....Spots and Dots. The panels and bunnies are all raised up on pop dots.
I got this brainstorm as I was sitting here late Sunday night playing with part of Parker's gift trying to help my sister put together a scrapbook kit she picked up at the Mega Meet....and the 2 thoughts merged in my mind.....A flip flop book titled Baby Steps. The sentiment is computer generated....
I used the flip flops themselves to create a template on folded paper to make my pages. The sentiments are from the same 2 sets as above. The flip flops are size 3-6mos to give you an idea of the size....tiny and adorable!!!!
And take some of the burden off Ashley and Dustin in those first few weeks....I created a set of 15 thank you cards...and a gift certificate wallet.
The inside of the gift certificate wallet can hold as many as 6 different gift cards.....these aren't the ones they're getting....again not wanting to completely ruin the surprise....but let's just say Dustin will be able to run out and get a quick meal for everyone....and Ashley will have something to look forward to when she's up and about again and itching to get out of the house.
And....of course....all mom's need pampering!!!! Heck, I'm not a mom and I'd LOVE to get pampered like this. The package on the left contains lots of stuff for manis, pedis, lotions and potions, and just stuff to make you feel pretty! The package on the right contains....yes, the label gives it away....CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Because....well, just you really need a reason to indulge in some top notch chocolate?? On these packages I used the "Girl's Day In" and "What a Girl Wants" sets. I even added some white flock to the robe to give the trim that fuzzy feeling. keep Dustin and Brady entertained.....a DVD..... Which one...I'm not telling!!! But it was super fun to create this sleeve. Just pull the ribbon and the DVD slides right up. The little monsters are from the fun "Monsters Ink" set.

Ok.....that's the perfect package for my sweet, adorable friend Ashley and her family.
Here are the new rules for voting....straight from the boss's fingers....

Hi all! As promised, here is the new voting method:
*All votes will be private messaged (PM'd) to the user name MFT Votes
*All votes will be manually tabulated and announced as soon as they are counted.
*All votes will be stored for a minimum of one week in the event an audit is needed.

Your vote will count IF:
*There is only one vote per SCS User Name. If there is more than 1 vote, only the first vote will count.
*The SCS User Name casting the vote was created BEFORE March 15th, 2009.

Why the changes?
We are getting down to the nitty gritty, the FINAL FOUR, with a DOUBLE elimination this week. There's a lot up for grabs, we want to make sure that the voting process is fair for everyone, and since the original intent was that the IDOL be selected by our MFT/SCS Family, we are implementing safeguards to make sure the IDOL is selected by fellow stampers!

Voting starts tonight at 10pm and runs for 24 hrs ONLY!!!! til 10pm eastern Wednesday night.
So, if you have an SCS account....that was active before March 15th....PLEASE....send that PM to the MFT team to vote for me.
Happy Stamping!!


BonnieRose said...

SO AMAZING.. u are a shoe in gf.. love it all.. Ashley is so blessed to have a dear friend like u, we shud all be so lucky.

Jacqueline said...

This is a GORGEOUS set Shannon!!! Ashley and fam will LOVE it!! You are a sweet, sweet friend!!!! Good luck and my vote will be in for you!!

Jen said...

Wow Shannon, you are filled with creative goodness! Ashley is going to LUV this entire package...WOW to every single one of your projects...I LUV the flip flop book and the embossed are so vote will go to you dearie!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...




Shannon!!!!!!!! I'm totally, completely GOBSMACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing.........just amazing.......such love and thought and care and are a SPECIAL, SPECIAL lady!!!!!!!!! Ashley and her hubby and babies will just be soooo thrilled and touched!!!!

Robynccgirl said...

You've done it again Shannon! I love the whole set! Ashley and her Family are sure to enjoy every bit of this! So sweet of you!

Sherry Campbell said...

SHANNON!! This is just too amazing! Everything is so perfect and beautiful and it's such a thoughtful gift! Ashley will totally love it and you are a sweetheart for making it for her! WOW!

Marcy H ~~ MI said...

Shannon, You did a fabulous project once again. It is great work as always. You deserve another easy win for sure with this
awesome project.

Kristen said...

oh Shannon.. this set is so sweet and incredible. :) Everything about it is absolutely STUNNING! That card is soooooo stinkin' adorable! It warms my heart even more to know it is going to a wonderful women, made by a wonderful women! :) I voted for you hun! Go team Shannon! :)

Eva said...

Shannon, every one of these creations are just gorgeous!!!! Good luck, but you got my vote!

Karen said...

Good luck Shannon at the MFT Top 4round!! It all looks marvelous girl!!! :) I am off to go and cast my vote for you!!


Jennifer Talley said...

Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! I know she will love it!

La'Diva said...

Hey Shannon - Are you going to have a class on this? If so, I want in! I love this!