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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I've Moved!!!!

Well....not literally! I moved my studio!!!!! It was up in a small 2nd bedroom. Of course all the bedrooms in this house are small....but that's beside the point. I have a living room that I never housed a large leather couch and small chair and was a huge walk thru area between the front door/stairs/dining room/family room. So, I decided to go all crazy on myself and move my TV and large comfy couch from the family room into the living that room actually gets used. And move my studio from the 2nd bedroom into my family room.

This first pic is the view you get from the doorway leading into the room. Yep...complete with door so I can close off the rest of the house if I wanted or needed to. You can see my desk and a 2nd table....that will, with the arrival of my tax refund, be replaced with a matching desk so I can have lots of stamping friends over and all be working at the same height. The only things on my desk are my tool caddy, Prismacolor markers and pencils, cutter, stamp scrubber, and Scor-Pal...and of course my laptop. This is the bookcase directly behind my table. It houses all my paper, ink, adhesives, small tools, and my dry erase board on the wall where I keep track of upcoming deadlines.

This is the corner right next to the doorway where you walk into the room. All my alterables are stored in the little drawer unit. All my business supplies, etc are on the bookcase.

This is my tool corner. It's an area between the faux fireplace and corner built in unit. The rails are from IKEA that are holding the punches....I think I need a few more. The bookcase holds my Big Shot, BIA, Cricut, embossing powders, etc.
This is the corner that houses all my stamps and embellishments!!! Love it!!! The loveseat is where the cats like to hang out....hence the blanket on the back. Much easier to take that and toss it in the wash than trying to vacuum cat hair off the microfiber.

Here's a closer view..... One bookcase is for all my for all my SU! stamps....and the other for all my unmounted and various wood mounted stamps, which I don't have many of anymore.

Here are my other stamping 75 gal fish tank. No way this was getting moved so it's a happy addition to the studio.
Hope this gives you some inspiration to create your own little slice of heaven in your house.
Happy Stamping!


Kristen said...

Shannon I absolutely love it!!!!! :) I am soo jealous! Jeff, Raine and I are taking up the extra bedrooms ok??? *wink* Great job hun! It looks like you will get a ton done in it!

Tonya said...

I really wish I would not have looked.........I am so insanely jealous, girl! I have A Desk. Ok and a couple iris carts. lol Seriously though, I adore your space. I know you will make many wonderful stamping memories in that gorgeous room.


Ashley said...

I think you could come do my house next. :) I love your stamping buddies!

de said...

Wow Shannon! How kewl! I wish I had a nice big room like that and I like that you can close it off if you want. And wow, I wish I had 1/2 the stuff you have to fill it up! Enjoy your new room!

Debsg said...

Oh wow. That's an amazing room. happy crafting.

Lisa Phillippi said...

How awesome! I am still stampin in my kitchen, but believing with all my might that someday soon I will have a room-no make that a studio!

Hysteri-CAL said...

I love it ... I wanna move to your house !

Swap ?

Heather said...


Your new area looks great I think it would be a wonderful stamp room!!! So glad you have more space now!!!

Wow a 75 gallon tank?? We have a 10 gallon tank!! LOL!!!


stamprgrl said...

OMG>.. t hat room is gorgeous!

-- dalis

homegrownart said...

Hi Shannon, had to visit your page, trying to pick up some organizational tips. Love how you have the Nesties on the ring hooks. Cool idea. I bet you are enjoying your new studio. All good things come in time. Cheers!!

Megan said...

I love the color of your room! And the sofa! What a great space. :)

Jennifer Talley said...

Oh wow, Shannon. I am so jealous of your room! Wish I had one of my own!!

Rosie said...

Thanks for sharing - I LOVE seeing other people's rooms and how they organise their stuff! Wish I had a big squashy sofa to lie on while reading the SU catalogue .... (again).

Angie's Scrappin Spot said...

Shannon, your new room looks amazing all that room,, you must be thrilled and all the light from the windows. It was so nice chatting with you yesterday and thursday with the unity girls. have a great weekend. i love your blog and all you wonderful creations.