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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MFT Idol Week 3 Project

Voting is now live here!!!! My SCS screen name is Mrs. Mac.

It's Week 3 of MFT Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this time....I kept my project focus very much clean and simple. I really wanted to show of the stamps for just what they are....BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

So, I created this cute little "Girls Night Out" purse set. All the sweet little goodies actually do fit inside the purse! The purse and gum containers are projects I measured out and noodled myself so there are no templates to follow.

The mint container is an Ice Breakers Sour container that I relabeled. And the gift card holder was created from the Top Note die from SU! I even included a Frappuccino for after the bar for a pick-me-up!

All the women were paper pieced using the Spring and Summer paper packs....both pre-printed and digi printed. They are colored with Prismacolor Pencils and OMS. All the glasses are coated in crystal effects....and the margarita glass is rimmed in glitter.

The stamp set is the soon to be release to the general American public....Girls Night Out!!!! How fun, huh?????

Gum holder with ribbon pull Mint container
Top Note die gift card holder
I just had to make 4 for each glass in the set!!!
A closeup of the label from the Starbucks frappuccino bottle so you can see the crystal effects and glitter.
Closeup of the margarita glass to show the rimmed glass......
Remember, it's up to you America if I stay in this competition!!!! You have to vote. You can vote for as many of your favorites as you're like, but you can only vote once! Make it count!!!
Happy Stamping!!


La'Diva said...

Awesomely Fantastic!

Yay Shannon!!!

Ashley said...

This is awesome Shannon! I absolutely love it! I'll vote for you!

Eva said...

Gorgeous work Shannon....I so love the yellow!!! Good luck to got my vote!

Kerry said...

I love those little purses! Very cute set...I'm going to vote for you now! :) Good luck girl!

~*Joni said...

This is soooo awesome Shannon! All your details are amazing, I love how they all fit inside that little purse. The margarita is incredible! Off to vote...

Heather said...


This set did turn out so wonderful you have a great creative flare that is so fun to see!!!

I love the bright colors as well!!!


Rosie Lilya said...

It is ALL so perfect! I love it! Great job- going to have to go buy this set now!