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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Virtual Stamp Weekend atSCS!!

So, I managed to get a few cards made for the VSN at SCS. Then I sliced a chunk of skin off my finger....don't ask how.....but it's extremly painful!!!! And also makes doing anything difficult as everytime I'd bump it the shooting and extreme pain would return and it would start bleeding...again. Made for a very long day. So, I'm going to keep this post short since typing is difficult without real use of my middle finger on my left hand. I'll update the supplies when I can type properly again.

Here's the card I created for the 2nd challenge "For the Love of Chocolate" since I love dark, rich chocolate. This was created for the 3rd challenge "Bittersweet Love" since I have a love/hate relationship with this stamp set.
This one was created for the 1st challenge "Sketch a Little Love"



Joanne Travis said...

Fabulous!! I wish that I had time to join in the VSN. I'm definitely cancelling everything else next time :)

Becky said...

gorgeous cards.

Ashley said...

Beautiful cards Shannon! I hope your finger is feeling better! I didn't feel good during VSN either and it was super a bummer since I've been waiting so long for it.

Donna said...

nice cards (I so want to know how you hurt your finger! I'm gross like that-can watch Trauma: Life in the ER while eating type of person)