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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh happy day!!!!

It's a GREAT day!!!! Even though I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Lookie at what was waiting in my mailbox for me...... My stamp set from Melanie!!!!! I can't wait to get them cut up and inked up tonight! She even signed it!!! I have a Melanie signed stamp set!!!! I feel so special! Thanks Melanie!!! You're amazing!

And.....this adorable card from Amelia (msamelia on SCS) arrived as a birthday RAK!! So cute! Thanks Amelia!!!


Gramrussell said...

Have fun with your new stamps! I love the card you got too. Beautiful colors!

laos348 said...

New stamps -woohooo! Have fun with them. I hope you feel better soon. And what a pretty card you got - pretty mail is the best.

Melanie said...

you're welcome!(blush)

LORI said...

Beautiful card!!