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Friday, September 5, 2008

New Goodies......

So, I updated my layout a bit. Is the header all off center and cut off for anyone else?? On my old computer it looked fine, but not so much on this one. What's up with that? Sometimes I love technology, and sometimes I lothe it.

Anyhoo.....I created a second blog for all my for sale stuff....keep it better organized and contained that way. You can get to get by clicking on the "store" tab above. Let me know what you think. There are still a few tweaks I need to make to it, but it's good enough to go for the moment.

And...I linked my Events calendar from the SU! page to the tab across the top labeled.....wait for it.....Events Calendar....shocker I know!!! But this way you can see when I'm holding all the fabulous classes for the projects I post here.

I've also decided to go forward with Sentiments by Mail. Now anyone, anywhere can take my classes. You'll get all the class materials, stamps sets, accessories, color instructions, and whatever else I give to the class right at home in your mailbox. How great is that??? The kits by mail are $5 off the regular class price, since you're not attending in person. Guess I still need to set all that up on my "Store" page. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.........we'll see.

Ok....gotta stamps they are a callin'!!

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