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Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's a ton of thinking to get all the pics and links and buttons up here. I just hope they all work right. Sheesh!!!

So, I went out to the Novi Stamp Expo thingy today. It was ok....bunch of rubber stamps and accessories. No real crafts or handmade cards like I was really looking for. Oh well! Did find some cute stamps though!!! You'll see them in the Holiday Joy Card.

This is where all the magic happens......

Looks pretty clean right now waiting for the big shipment on Tuesday. After that I have a feeling it will never look the same. This is where I create all my handmade cards and stationary. This is also where I'll hold my stamp classes. The table is on wheels so I can spin it around so there's enough room for additional people. As it sits right now 2 people can work at it and be all spread out. It's an old cutting table my grandmother had before she passed away and it works perfectly for me. Ok, I think that's it for brain hurts. Back to the fun stuff.........stamping!!!!!

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