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Friday, August 15, 2008

Glitter Mishap

This is a card I made a few years back for my Dad for his birthday. I thought I'd add it here since it's still one of my personal favorites. It helps that I'm kinda into lighthouses.....just think they are really cool!!!!!

Well I managed to get some stamping done tonight. Made a few beaded pens for my open house. And completly botched the dazzling diamonds technique. I shouldn't figure out what container had the right powder in it, so I think the first time I did it, I ended up with almost all glitter and no embossing powder. It didn't look right and was still letting glitter go everywhere. So, I took my embossing pad over it again (yes, getting glitter all over the pad) and sprinkled the other glittery container stuff on it which I figure at this point have to be the dazzling diamonds stuff. Worked a little better. So, I redid it again with straight embossing powder. And as it turns out, it looks really kinda cool. I had stamped the back of the cardstock with a color I deemed was too dark, so I flipped it over. Well in the process of so many heat cycles, the paper became kinda transparent and the darker color on the flip side has shadowed thru. Sometimes the oops turn out ok. I'll try to get a pic up tomorrow as my camera is currently outta battery power. Ok, I think I'm done for the night. I'm gonna go attempt to wash all the glitter off now.

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