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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ok, so I can't find that tutorial on the build-a-brad bracelet so I figured I'd make my own.


Ok, so you start off with determining the types of brads you want to use. Here I used 4 of the larger rinestone brads from the pretties kit with 4 of the small white flowers, 5 of the small rinestone brads from the Pretties kit, and 10 silver brads. You'll also need jump rings for in between everything, I used 21 here. And a clasp.

Next I flattened out all the brads using a small pair of pliers to save my fingers and lined them up in the order they'd go on my bracelets.

Then you start assembly. I use jewelry pliers to bend each side of the brad around the jump rings and back to the back of the brad. You can see that in the 2nd photo here.

You keep alternating jump ring, brad, jump ring, brad until you acquire the desired length. Put the clasp on the last jump ring and you're done.


Jenny Erichsen said...

Neat idea! Thanks for posting a comment on my card!

Helen said...

What a clever idea!

Stampmouse said...

nice tutorial